As a self-employed wedding photographer I can get pretty lonely. I mostly use my kitchen to work in (a dangerous move when that’s where you keep the food). It’s handy having a kettle nearby, but the banter leaves something to be desired. Sometimes I miss the days of working in a busy wine shop, but then I realise how freaking awesome it is to make a living doing something you love.  

But I digress…

  I’ve talked before about how I started out as a family photographer, but that wedding photography is where my heart is. I’m always on the look out for opportunities to shoot with others, make links and get some primo shooting experience. A styled shoot ticks so many boxes!   When I saw that Jo and Jenny from The Alternatives had put together a double shoot in a single day at Jervaulx Abbey, I just knew I had to be there. I’ll blog part two (a Grecian Gardens theme – S W O O N) next week, but first, let me tell you all about part one.

Jervaulx Abbey

Jervaulx was built in 1156. You can imagine what’s left – impressions of an important building constructed of local stone, with arches and trees all over the grounds. Beside the ruins of the abbey is a large open space, with sheep grazing among and gently undulating hillside. Romantic as F. The perfect setting for a yurt, decorated with florals and greenery, in a festival wedding style with a little ceremony space at the front. You can just imagine having an epic party right here!

The Details

One of the reasons weddings can take such a lot of time to put together is because you can really go to town on the details. Happily, we had a crack team of kickass wedding suppliers who were all pitching in and making this wedding shoot look utterly amazing. The full list of suppliers is included at the end of this post. Here’s some of their finest work.
A wedding photograph of an alternative couple licking ice creams as they melt

Rory And Becky

  Both the couples modelling for us during the shoot day are real couples. Rory and Becky here hail from Derbyshire too (all the best folks do, duck). They have no modelling experience, like most people who are getting married and I thought they just oozed cool from the moment I met them. Their connection as a couple was incredible. How many couples do you know who could gaze lovingly at each other for a whole day?! During a normal wedding I like to whisk the happy couple off for 20 minutes to nail their couples portraits, so this was such a treat.

The Couples Portraits

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Kickass Suppliers

This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without this amazing team of inspiring vendors. They’re all super duper friendly and talented. All links are clicky, so if you’re looking for that certain something for your wedding I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.  

Models – Becky & Rory

Dress – Meggie & Ma

Flowers – All Bunched Up x Emily The Florist

Ribbons – Bertie & Fred

Cake – Where The Ribbon Ends

Stationery – Photopress 

Venue – Jervaulx Abbey

Make Up – Lucy Hart Makeup Artist

Glitter Make Up – Lucy Hart x The Gypsy Shrine

Hair – Saskia Borrans

Ice Cream – Brymor Ice Cream

Styling – Emily K Weddings

Shooting With – The Alternatives