I love photographing babies and families in their homes. There’s just something about home-based shoots. Everyone’s nice and relaxed, it’s warm, there’s tea… The comfort doesn’t end there though. Home based family and newborn photoshoots are great because no one stands on ceremony. Kids can wander off and play, parents can do their thing, babies can get changed and fed. Family life just happens around me.

This is exactly how it was when I caught up with Caroline and her family for a newborn photography session in December.


The Family

Caroline runs a super cool kids clothing brand, Little Bit Small, designing and making colourful and comfy bits of kit from her home in Derbyshire (a pair of harem shaped dungarees were a firm favourite in my daughter’s wardrobe). So we’ve collaborated before and kept in touch. Last Autumn she got in touch to say they were expecting their third baby, and would love a newborn photoshoot.

It was brilliant to see them again, to see how her children have grown and to meet her husband. I love this family’s cosy cottagey home too, and knew the shoot would just look beautiful.


The Shoot

It was freezing cold outside, so Caroline had planned for her kids to stay in and do a bit of baking. We chose to dive straight in to making gingerbread men, and had a brief baby love-in/play session while the dough rested, then got back into the kitchen to cut the shapes (or do Archie’s version, which involved shoving the dough into the cutters and shouting “ta da!”). It was a super simple shoot, that I hope shows the bonds between these siblings and has a nice cosy vibe that will fit perfectly with the rest of their home.

Here’s what we got up to (click an image to enlarge).

If you’re interested a newborn or family photoshoot in or around Derbyshire, please get in touch. You can email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com or find me on Instagram.