Bethany got in touch with me through my Facebook to chat about getting some family photographs of her little girls. We got on instantly, and she was open to having me come to her home in Leicestershire for some super natural, documentary style shots.

Her eldest child is just two and a half – a super confident, friendly, bundle of fun. Her baby is only 3 months old, and I wanted to ensure we could have a shoot that incorporates both of their needs – her eldest’s need for stimulation and a chance to burn off her energy, and her youngest’s need to be held. This is when making the choice to have a session at home makes a lot of sense, because everyone can be comfortable.

Thankfully Bethany has the perfect set up for her girls, including a whacking great trampoline in the garden, and a box full of dressing up gear. We took advantage of the May sunshine to get outside and have some fun.

Here’s what we got up to

Due to a website re-do, I’m going back through shoots that had previously been blogged but got lost in the shift. This session took place in May 2018.