In January 2019 I met a wonderfully happy child. She likes Frozen and Tangled, jumping in puddles and being an outdoor explorer, but nothing comes close to her love of swings.

Her name is Ava, and this is her gallery.

It was cold. About- to-snow kind of cold. You know, the stuff that falls from the sky that we’re utterly unprepared for in this country? Well me and Ava’s mum decided this was the perfect opportunity to treat Ava to a photoshoot. Thankfully Ava’s mum was more sensible than me, and brought a stash of warm clothes for Ava to bundle up in to avoid grumpiness, and we started off with a cuppa.

Although Ava was undoubtedly the star of the hour, I wanted to be sure to capture the relationship between her and her mum. I wanted to show that Ava’s a real companion to her mum at the moment, as they wait for the new addition to their family to arrive (seriously, the goddess lifting this kid onto swings and holding her hands as she jumps is over 7 months pregnant, and how gorgeous is she!). From my own experience I know how this time can feel as your family expands from 3 to 4, and I wanted to just help Ava and her mum remember it.



Eventually we peeled ourselves from the warmth of the cafe we set off into the park. Here’s what Ava got up to.

photo of a very happy little girl with laughing on a swing - outdoor photoshoot Nottingham
close up portrait of a little girl outdoors during a photoshoot in a play park in gedling, Nottingham

If you fancy a natter about a photoshoot for your family either outdoors or at home, give me a shout. I’m happy to spend an hour or a whole day with you, just documenting your real life and getting those little moments captured for you to relive and remember. Ava’s session was really quick, but it could’ve easily been part of a whole morning shooting with her and her mum, so if you’d like to incorporate a visit to the park in a session just say!