Wedding Photography Shoot Day: May 2018

Abbeydale Picture House is an old cinema in the heart of Sheffield. It fell into disrepair some time ago, and is now being lovingly restored as a creative space in the city. 

Until this process is complete it’s kind of cold, and it’s really dark. But there are these little touches of workmanship that are truly stunning. The paint’s peeling off some of the walls in the stairwells, but with the light that pours through the original windows it’s a photographer’s dream. It can provide a truly stunning location for a wedding.

If you fancy booking it, you should contact Inner City Weddings – they’ll hook you up, and make it look banging to boot. 

This shoot day was organised by Photography Farm, working in conjunction with Mr & Mrs Unique

Three well-established pro wedding photographers led the way as we photographed two models and one real couple. Those photographers are Lisa Jane, Lee Allen and Enchanted Brides.