Bathtime with Albie




Albie was 10 months old when I met him and his parents for a family photoshoot at their home in Derby. At his age, every day brings new discoveries and experiences, and a real personality has already emerged. His parents wanted to capture this time in their lives at home together as a family of four (being sure to include their super cute cockerpoo, of course). 

They didn’t want anything posed or showy – just a simple and honest story of their lives. I suggested having something fun planned that could get all those cute smiles and cuddles, so no one was at a loss of what to do. Thankfully Lizzie had an ace card up her sleeve – a bath. As it was a warm day in late Spring we decided to take bathtime outside.¬†

Here’s what we got up to.


close up photograph of a newborn's feet as they breastfeed at home in derby
photograph of a father looking down at his newborn baby girl at home in derby
photograph of a sleepy newborn baby being winded by her father - newborn photography derby

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