Jack & Naomi

Pre-wedding Photography

Meeting Jack & Naomi

Jack and Naomi first contacted me to arrange their wedding photography. They seemed like an interesting young couple and the plans for their wedding were so exciting. Despite the distance between us – they live in London, whereas I’m in Derbyshire – we were determined to get together at some point to discuss all their plans and do some pre-wedding photography. 

At the end of March I happened to be in London for a shoot so we carved out a bit of time to meet up at South Bank. I’m not the best at navigating London, so my heart was in my mouth when I boarded the Northern Line at Camden and hoped it went in the right direction. 

We sat and drank tea while they told me all their plans – my excitement building by the minute. Brew drained, we popped out on to the river bank and tried a few different things so I could see how these guys are together. The main purpose of a pre-wedding shoot is to get to know each other, which means me paying a great deal of attention to the connection between the people I’m photographing.


Having seen Jack and Naomi up close, I can honestly say I’m properly thrilled to be photographing their wedding at Old Down Estate this summer.


Jack & NAomi’s pre-wedding photography session