Jo & Stefan

Their pub wedding reception after elopement

Wedding photography after a wedding


“Hi Caroline, we got married abroad a month ago and now we’re trying to organise a party back home to celebrate!”

What an awesome opener from Jo and Stefan. After a bit of emailing it turns out that Jo and Stefan went to Whistler, Canada, and got married on a mountain top in ridiculous -13 degree weather. They spent 10 days in Whistler, hitting the slopes and spas with an intimate wedding party.
Everything they told me about their ceremony sounded magical. They were married in the open air after too much snow put the kibosh on what they’d already planned. They even had to hop in a helicopter because the ski lifts were out of action. And to celebrate back home, in their local pub in Market Harborough with their extended families and heaps of friends was a fitted follow on for this adventurous couple.
I was stoked. I love photographing the emotional parts of a wedding, but I also really enjoy seeing folks let their hair down at the reception and having a good time. We started off at Jo and Stefan’s home with some more typical ‘getting ready’ shots before heading out for their bash.
You can check out most of Jo and Stefan’s gallery in a slideshow below, and then trawl through the photos underneath that if you fancy going all in.

Jo & Stefan’s Wedding Photography Slideshow

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