Bakewell Wedding Photography – Kate & Joe

Kate & Joe got married at Bakewell Town Hall, and had a stupendously well put together DIY reception at the village hall in Ashford in the Water, just a few minutes down the road. The amount of work that went into this wedding was just incredible. From Joe’s mum making the flowers (check out her artistry on her Instagram) to the bridesmaids coordinated a pub quiz (in which cheating was definitely caught on camera), right through to the hand painted stones adorning each place setting, this was the perfect DIY wedding.

My enduring memory of the day will be just how bloody lovely and welcoming every one was. Seriously, I’ve mentioned before how Derbyshire folk have this ability to chat away and make friends with pretty much anyone, and this wedding was the epitome of that. Probably the very reason I’m so happy I moved up here in the first place!

During his speech, Joe mentioned that several years back he was single and travelling. Kate phoned him in the middle of the night, possibly after a beverage or two. “Are we going out, then?” was the question on her mind. I’m pretty sure that from that moment on, they never looked back.

Special thanks to my second shooter, Emma McNair.


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