Jess & Fleur

a same sex wedding by the sea

“What do you reckon?” Jess asked Fleur, beckoning to the sea.

“I reckon I want to get in it,” Fleur replied. They grin. They ran. And soon they were very much in the sea, in their wedding clothes. And it was perfect.


I had a hard time picking out my favourites to show from this gorgeous same sex wedding down in Devon from summer ’19. Every part of Jess and Fleur’s day was well conceived, beautifully executed and well worth the mad dash down south. I second shot this wedding along with Lianne Grey (actual genius).

This was the first ever same sex wedding I’ve photographed, and I couldn’t have asked for more. Also my first ever wedding by the sea! Turns out you totally can take the wedding photographer out of Derbyshire. 

Jess got ready with her mum and her mates at an Air B&B, and Lianne captured all that magic. I popped on over to a cottage right on the coast to hang out with Fleur and Jess’s brothers, before nipping down to a beach bar (in a vintage bloody Ferrari Dino!) and meeting more of Fleur’s old school friends. The outdoor ceremony with the sea just a skip and a hop away was just perfect. 

There were two moments in this wedding which blew me away. The first was Fleur surprising Jess with a song, sang in front of all their guests. Such a beautiful moment, worth it for the emotion etched all over Jess’s gorgeous face. The second was 20 minutes on the shore at sunset.