2019: Holy Cow!

2019 from Caroline Goosey on Vimeo.

2019 has been an absolutely incredible year. It's the busiest I've ever been. I've travelled all over England (yes, you CAN take the photographer out of Derbyshire!), worked with lovely couples and really felt like I've found my place. At times, I've had to pinch myself. To pause and just take stock of everything I've been up to, all the wonderful moments I've collected in my camera, and the brilliant friends I've made.

At the beginning of the year I was still new to weddings. I'd shot a few but I was still pretty damn terrified. Despite being comfortable in lots of different lighting situations and felt able to deal with the quick pace during key parts, I was so nervous of people. Posing them, talking about money with them, dealing with the ins and outs of a business that deals with people on a very important day.

photograph of an alternative couple in wedding clothing standing in front of a graffitied wall in London as a cyclist rides past.

Thank god I've had this year. I still get nervous before a wedding but it's more of a feeling of eager excitement than doing a rabbit in the headlights impression. I did loads of shoots and seconding this year, so I got to practice loads and pick the brains of my peers to find ways to get things done that don't make me feel like a bad Alan Partridge impersonator. I now relish the opportunity to get to know a couple and collaborate with them to get a banging record of their day. I love going into all the different scenarios and situations and letting my creative juices flow.

Somehow this crazy dream of mine might just be coming true! If I'm being completely honest, I never thought it would. At the beginning of the decade I was unemployed. A few years later I'd moved up to Derbyshire and was working in a wine shop. Shortly after that we had a kid. Then another. And I had job hopped for my entire adult life. I never, ever thought that photography would stick - not for a lack of passion, but for a lack of experience of anything that lasts more than a couple of years.

Thanks to Jenny Appleton for this shot of me in action with the lovely Emma and Steve

So to everyone who's helped me along (this year and all the years previously), I need to say thank you. To the wonderful couples and families who've commissioned work from me, to the other photographers who've come along to shoot alongside me at weddings, and those who've had me along with them at their bookings - YOU ALL ROCK.

Some of the lovely comments have been so lovely I've actually cried!

I found Caroline by chance flicking through rock n roll bride - and I’m so glad I did! She was the perfect fit for us - her technique, the colours and emotions she captures are just beautiful. She was also so discreet - I hardly knew she and Jenny were there! Caroline is so friendly and down to earth - we felt so comfortable with her. I could go on and on - so I’ll leave it with - Caroline is ace!!

Emma + Steve

photograph of a bride and groom standing at the top of the aisle with the bride's father at stock farm wedding venue

The time she spent with us was effortless and very relaxed and weirdly my eldest child who is usually quite shy, turned into a chatterbox extrovert... that’s how comfortable Caroline made him feel!The photos themselves are epic. Exactly what I wanted. She helped us capture a really special few hours as a family. I will be forever grateful


Caroline told us to relax and just walk and talk as we usually do. I thought this was rather strange as I wanted the same photos I had seen on her website which looked so beautifully posed, but I trusted her and boy am I glad I did. Caroline's photos were amazing! She managed to take our everyday interactions and capture them so beautifully. Trust her!

Naomi + Jack

The Next 12 Months

If it's possible, 2020 is looking even better than 2019! I'll be photographing weddings in and around Derby, but also going to some dream venues that I'm so excited for. It's great to be going to all these places, but what makes me even happier is the couples I get to work with. I know that choosing a wedding photographer can be such a hard decision - there are a lot of us, and so many fantastic options, and it's a serious investment. That couples have decided that I'm the right person document their day is an incredible honour.

I have just a handful of spaces left for next year. If you'd like to chat with me about your wedding photography please get in touch.

2019, you've been immense. Here's to the next 12 months!


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