Finn’s Newborn Photography

Finn is a three month old laughing, smiling, cuddling bundle of a boy. At least, he is now. When I met him he was 8 weeks old, beginning to smile at his parents and every bit as cuddly. He’s pretty damn special too.


Jo and Rich were waiting for years for this gorgeous boy. Jo’s also a photographer, and she’s written all about their IVF journey on her website. It’s an amazing, eye-opening read (I had no idea about the different procedures, injections and things they had to adapt to over the four years before Finn) and I admit to shedding several tears while reading it. I won’t go into it great detail here – it’s her’s and Rich’s story to tell, and she’s done it perfectly. 

The thing is, Jo’s not just another photographer. She’s a friend. The first time I met her was at a workshop she was running, and then another, and another. I’ve second shot a couple of weddings with her in Brecon and at the Pumping House, both while she was pregnant with Finn. When I saw her in March last year she showed me a greenish picture of a circle with a blob in it. Turns out, that circle would eventually grow into a baby called Finn.

So Jo’s an ace photographer, and she’s taught Rich a thing or two with the camera too. Their beautiful home in the Lakes is filled with photos, little photographic legacies all about the place. To say I was shitting myself at the prospect of photographing another photographer is putting it mildly! Jo is bloody good. But I went.


I had to meet Finn, and get some arty documentary style newborn photography for them. Babies just change too fast to not do so.

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  1. Jo

    Thankyou so much! We will treasure these FOREVER ❤️😘


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