A Year in the Life of Lyra – Part 1

baby photography nottingham

I met Charlotte on a shoot we did together back in January. She’s the awesome wedding florist known as Frond & Bloom, based in Nottingham. We got chatting about her little girl, Lyra, and she mentioned she’d never had a proper photoshoot with their little girl. I think, like so many new parents, they’d struggled to find a style that vibed with them and felt right hanging up in their home. It’s tough finding the right family photographer. There are so many different styles, and if you’re more into a documentary style or a slightly darker edit, then we should chat!

Soon enough, Charlotte was booking Lyra in for A Year in the Life – 3 shoots, each 6 months apart. Usually these baby photography sessions are booked for newborns, but they’ll work just as well to cover the transition to toddlerhood. Below is a selection of photos from our first session, in their family home with the dog. Our next shoot will be in August, and it’s awesome to think what Lyra will be getting up to by then!

This family shoot lasted one hour, and we managed to include plenty of different things. My aim is always to capture a snapshot in time – a photographic legacy of what their real life looked like. Lyra was having her morning nap when I arrived, so I got a few shots of her sleeping on her parents’ bed. It was so lovely to see a happy, beaming baby once she’d woken, and we took her downstairs for a bit of food. Weaning photos are always a good idea – the faces kids pull when they’re eating a priceless. After she’d filled up the tank it was time for a quick play, then a cuddle and a story in her gorgeous nursery before more family cuddles on mum and dads’ bed. 

Lyra was teething so there was the odd grizzly moment, but on the whole she was just so freakin happy. It was a joy to spend this hour with the family and capture a few moments of their ordinary lives together.

If you’d like to know more about booking in for a family photoshoot or a year in the life (both suitable for all ages), then please get in touch.