Wedding Photography


My style as a wedding photographer is all about capturing you. It sounds simple but all wedding photographers do it slightly differently. I’m not exactly a fly on the wall – I do like to have a laugh and a joke with a couple – but I’m not a gobby, intrusive type.  Most of your wedding is shot in a completely unposed, spontaneous way, and when it comes to formal group shots I always like to make them fun.

I want to send you into the sunset with a whole bunch of photos that make you feel something. Happy, poignant, emotional and surprising – that’s what I’m aiming for, and hopefully it’s something you like too.

Above is a slideshow of some of my favourite images from 2019 weddings, and below you can click through to larger galleries. This way you get a fuller idea of exactly what to expect, even though no two weddings look the same. If you like my stuff and fancy a natter about your wedding photography then get in touch.

I hope you enjoy looking at these wedding photography galleries. If you like what you see and you think I could do a good job of capturing your wedding day then please get in touch with me. For more images & sneak peeks feel free to find me on Instagram.