Your Day in Detail

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This form is a bit long, but it covers everything. Properly filled out, it should help to highlight anything you’ve still to consider, and it should make sure that I know exactly what is happening and when.

Once I have a good idea of the skeleton of your day I can figure out when would be a good time for your group photos, and when it’s appropriate to whisk you away together for 15 minutes. There are boxes for you to supply any details I’ve not asked about but which you think I need to know.


Once I’ve got the form back I’ll be in touch with you.

Partner 1

Partner 2

Wedding Ceremony


please note, I am vegetarian.

Group Shots

I would always encourage a couple to have at least a few group shots, but I believe you should keep it simple. Limit the number, because people get fed up standing around and posing. Let them go and enjoy themselves! Please be aware that it can take up to 5 minutes to co-ordinate a group shot.
Please be realistic about when and where these can be done. In the winter they'll probably require an indoor space.


If you feel you need to change your booking at all you can do that here.
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I don't know why this is showing as $ when it's obviously £. Anyway, thanks for completing this form. I'll have a good read and be in touch to discuss any amendments you want to make.