How to enjoy your wedding photography

& Other bits of advice

Everyone wants to have fun on their wedding day! So I’ve put together a bunch of frequently asked questions to help you out, and make that fun wedding day a reality. Got a question that’s not covered here? Shoot me an email or find me on Instagram and ask away!

How do we book you?

Get in touch with me to get the ball rolling. If I’m available for your date then I’ll send you a booking form. Once I’ve got that I just need you to sign a contract (all online, so you can do it from your sofa) and send a booking fee of £250. Once all that’s done, the date is yours.

We're Camera shy. Help.

Pretty much everyone hates having their picture taken. It’s normal! But yes, I will help. I always try to get to know a couple first, so we can skype/facetime to your heart’s content, and my inbox is open to any and all questions you might have. It’s also why I offer a complimentary photoshoot before your wedding day, so you can understand how I work and feel more comfortable on your wedding day. Couples who’ve had a pre-wed always get better photos on the day!

How Does Documentary-style wedding photography work?

I pretty much just show up, get my gear on and get to work. At least, that’s all you’ll see. I’ll chat with your folks, be friendly with everyone, and have a drink with you if that’s your vibe. Basically, I just get on with being part of the wedding and take photos from ‘inside’ what’s going on. Very occassionally I might intervene, but it’s rare. 

I spend quite a bit of time observing too, so that I can anticipate funny moments before they happen and be ready to snap away.

Can we have posed group shots?

Yes, absolutely! Typically my couples ask for 8ish group shots. I like to keep it to a minimum if possible so that you can get on with enjoying your wedding – people get very bored standing around having photos. 

What do your packages include?

They’re a kind of do-what’s-on-the-label, ronseal type affair. All package descriptions cover the physical things you’ll get. All editing is done by me, and usually takes at least as long as the wedding day.

Can you edit my teeth/nose/bingo wings etc?

Short answer – no.

Long answer – I edit out anything that’s not permanent. So freckles, scars, things that are part of you, etc stay. Minor blemishes are easy enough for me to tackle. Anything requiring a lot of photoshopping will be sent to a third party editor at an additional charge.

What does your full day package cover?

A full day is from you getting ready through to the first 30 or so minutes of your dance. I include up to ten hours in this package, but if you want me to stay to the bitter end then I’m happy to do so for £80 per extra hour. 

Will you travel to....

I’ll go pretty much anywhere in England and Wales! I’m based in Derbyshire so fairly well connected for lots of places smack bam in the middle, and include 150 miles (or 90 minutes each way) in my packages. If you’re further away there will be a small mileage cost and possible 1-2 hotel stays depending on the amount of coverage you’re looking for.

Can we have a discount?

Check out my venue bucket list. If you’re getting married in any of these places then I can knock £100 of your package. 

Can we have an album?

YES! Albums are the best way to preserve your wedding photos (how often are you really going to look at that USB drive?). I do super swanky posh ones with beautiful sturdy pages, and a budget lay flat coffee table book option too. 

You can add one to your package at booking, or purchase once you’ve seen your photos.

How do we get our photos?

You’ll be shown a sneak peek of 30 ish edited photos a day or two after your wedding, and then a full gallery will be put up online within 6 weeks. By 8 weeks post-wedding you should have your USB in the post.


(If you are having a mini film made this may be slightly longer – up to 12 weeks.)