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for ordinary folks on extraordinary days.

>> It’s wedding photography,

jim, but not as we know it…

Long gone are the days of standing around and posing like a pair of Victorian fools. Welcome to the alternative: a photographer that wants you to enjoy your wedding day.

Spend time with the relatives you never see anymore, do shots at the bar with your mates, eat the canapés you spent hours choosing and play the games you planned. Run off into the sunset with a set of photos that you adore, that make you remember the day with laughter and tears for the rest of your days. 

I like to throw the rule book out of the window. It’s my firm belief that if a tradition means nothing to you you should sack it off. Same for bunting, sit down meals and chair covers.


Basically, I want you to have a fab day, filled with the people you love rather than the customs you don’t care about.




& totally you.

Caroline understood all the “quirks” that we wanted capturing and perfectly caught the moments that meant the most to us. She captured moments when we didn’t even know she was snapping away. Thank you so much Caroline, we loved working with you and adore the pictures.

Ania & Nick



6 hours wedding day coverage

250+ fully edited photos

on a usb & online gallery

unlimited license to print & share




8 hours wedding day coverage

400+ fully edited photos

on a usb & online gallery

unlimited license to print & share




10 hours wedding day coverage

2 photographers

600+ fully edited photos

on a usb & online gallery

unlimited license to print & share




If you’d like to relive your wedding day through more than just photos, you should have a think about getting a video made. Unlike a full on videographer, I don’t come with suitcases full of kit, lighting stands and boom mics. I just use the kit I already have (because I’m a sneaky photo boss ninja) and capture little snippets of film throughout your day. I put them all together and set them to music. 

This is a new thing from me, so it’s available for the price of a second shooter. If you book the Kinder Scout package it’s included for no extra cost (and I’ll sound like Mrs Doyle “ah go on, go on, go on….”)

The introductory rates for fusion wedding films applies to all weddings booked for 2019 and 2020. If you’d prefer not to have a film for your wedding, you’ll be happier checking out my wedding photography packages.

Let’s chat!

If you like what you see then let’s have a natter. If you’re local to me then we can meet up for a cuppa beer and go through all your plans in person, and if you’re a further away we can have a Skype/Facetime chat.

I respond to all enquiries as quickly as I can, so if you’re expecting a reply and don’t seem to have got one then check your junk folders, or give me a nudge at hello@carolinegoosey.com.

Caroline x


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Relaxed wedding photography & family portraits.