This is wedding photography for adventurous folks all over the UK.

I love a good knees-up. I love it when your nan makes her way up on to the dancefloor even though she’s not into that modern stuff. I love the tender little moments that pass between good friends and family on the morning of a wedding. I love a good celebration.

Pubs, tipis, farm weddings, weddings in forests, village hall weddings, DIY weddings – these things are my jam. I love them because they’re always brimming with colour, personality and fun. 

And what about you? You’ve put so much effort in, and you’re so excited. You’re looking for the photographer who’ll capture your wedding in a way that you’ll love looking back on for the rest of your lives. A wedding photographer who’ll help without bossing you around, who matches your crazy in just the right way, who won’t run away from your mad friends and family, and who’ll just get stuck right in to everything you’re doing.

I’m Caroline. I’m a music-loving, cake-eating, tattooed mama of two tiny legends. I’m a wedding photographer in Derbyshire, and I’ll go anywhere for an adventure.


Relaxed | Authentic | Joyful

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